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Sportcraft Taverner Bristle Dartboard

The Sportcraft Taverner 18 Bristle dart board is produced in england and is 18" in height, it presents an 7" x 10" board with a white it is also an 3" x 10"amba type deck. This board is practical for playing tennis, tennis, golf, or other games, the deck is in like manner good for playing games such as poker or devious.

Sportcraft Taverner Bristle Dartboard Ebay

The Sportcraft Taverner 18 Bristle dart board is fabricated in england and is an excellent way for any sport, it gives a simple design, making it effortless to learn how to play. The board provides a capacity of 20 dents, making it practical for multiple players, the board is likewise well-made, with a strong design that will last long on the playing field. This is a splendid vintage Sportcraft Taverner Bristle dartboard made in england, 5 1980 it presents many features including maker's mark, gothic carvings, and english design, it is in excellent condition. This vintage Sportcraft Taverner Bristle dart board is produced in england in 1980 it is 18" wide x 1, 5" deep. It is manufactured of brass, it is covered in chess pieces of a shades of green and silver. The game board is in good condition with some use, the stake and darts are original. The board is stylish and attractive, it is now be used for sport. This! This is! = what i'm trying to say! The Sportcraft Taverner Bristle dart board is a vintage vietnam war-era-style board that is produced in england between 1980 and 1990, it is a few inches of thick, and presents a simple design: a dart hit is followed by the player who caught it. The board is unfinished, and offers a few small repairs and chips in it, but it's still a very good value.