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Winmau Diamond Bristle Dartboard

Are you digging for a new, exciting tournament game to play? Search no more than the Winmau Diamond Bristle dartboard with staple-free bullseye! This board is outstanding for any tournament game that wants to keep their players organized and on track.

Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle Dartboard

This is a comprehensive Winmau Diamond plus Bristle dartboard with staple-free bullseye chartreuse fabric, the board is fabricated with radial white Diamond and is to size for a standard Winmau Diamond plus chartreuse board. It is conjointly Winmau Diamond plus Bristle dartboard with de lecture et de écran de bruit, this Winmau dartboard is prime for the advanced player or the new player to the game. It renders a sleek and chic design with the usual Winmau trademarks such as the Diamond + plus symbol and the stapler-free bullseye, the board is completed with a high-quality paper gabardine cover that will protect your costs and provide a well-rounded gaming experience. This is a best-in-class board for winning tournaments! It presents a Diamond plus style design with a textured surface to give it a real look and feel, the Bristle dartboard gives a studs-free bullseye and is produced to look like a proper tournament board. This article is about banned board that was used by Winmau in his early years, the board is an 18 g galvanized Bristle dartboard made england. It is unused and extends not been used since Winmau used it, the board is a candidate for use again, as it is at an age where it can be used once again.